In essence, most people carry the virus, but only a few people realize it. So, the next time you hear someone say they are HSV1, just know that they aren’t different because they have HSV1—they’re different because they’re aware that they have HSV1. Nothing more, nothing less.


I’M COOL WITH HSV1-This persons story of [HERPES]

I was seeing a man while he was on leave from the armed forces who did oral sex on me. I ended up having some herpes bumps within a week. I can’t recall any noticeable bumps or scars on his face. during our encounter.

After my doctor lacerated the bumps and put the liquids in vials to perform some test on. Right away I text the man and informed him its possible I have some sought of herpes possibly. He right away said ” I cant believe your telling me this and broke up with me two weeks later.

I’ve since jumped on the internet and did an incredible amount of research on (HERPES). I’ve talked to tons of nurses, doctors and probed deep into my soul to come to terms with the fact that I have herpes. And the best way I could think of to deal with this situation. On account of my research I realized, without and outbreak chances are I’m not contagious, and would be just fine. 

I was informed that due to the fact HSV1 is much more common than most people realize, its really nothing too much to worry about. I have not had an outbreak of the [herpes] sores since the very first outbreak, and I really don’t have a feeling I’m gonna ever have another one. I don’t think its coming back, at least it has not yet. Having HSV1 is cool with me but its not cool with most others. When I was fresh back to school. I was asked if I ever had an [STD], I said yes I had a cold-sore but Im not contagious. It seems as soon as I said it, the news spread like wild fire around school that i had [herpes], and I was best left alone. Not everyone was nasty though. I ended up having a physical and emotional attachment with this guy for about a year. He had heard about HSV1 and was fine with it because I told him up front. But he did ask me how many guys I had slept with,( like that would actually be a determining factor) on how I caught it in the first place.

Now only two things bother me about having an STD. And its nothing to do with my health, symptoms or even discomfort. The first is an STD puts your privates on front street and people start questioning your character. People act like its their duty to warn everyone about you like your a leper. Its crazy that the label of HERPES sits right under the surface to ricochet like a boomer-rang back as soon as I forget it courtesy of some reporter. It becomes a crack and I start feeling un-worthy and unwanted. That’s messed up and a lot of times its sexist because its normally the guys who are throwing the darts. Whispering “HERPES this HERPES that. Its us woman who are biologically more susceptible to catch an STD in the first place. The second is dealing with other people with [herpes]. A friend of mine caught herpes and continues to have sex without even warning her -sex- partner. She just pretends it never happened. I try to convince her to be honest. Because forgetting and lying is only short term gratification. Over all, I think I will look back at this experience as something from my youth. Even though it will never go away and will have to be part of all my future conversations with partners, I’m cool with it. STD’s are a part of an active sex life like pregnancy and falling in love. I don’t regret anything, And I am done with shame. I wont be apologizing anymore either.


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