I was in a relationship with this woman for 9 years. Our relationship ran out of gas by the 5th or 6th year. The last two years where complete hell. Arguing all the time, just crazy. Well I was out with a friend of mine who was…… somewhat of a ladies man. As a matter a fact plenty of my girlfriends  aggravation was a direct result of my childhood playboy friend.

Anyway he had this girl that he would see occasionally. Lets call her Kim. Well Kim always had plenty of company over her house. It was a pretty lively place to hang out and drink, talk play cards and socialize. Well sure enough I spotted this woman, or I should say she spotted me. She was very tall. 6ft. easy. Very attractive.

Now for the record despite my best friend being a dog. I’ve always been faithful to my girlfriend. In the 9 years we were together i’ve never cheated on her unless you count a couple of coffee dates. And once during a 2 month separation a little………….,well……..OK! I cheated once! ! I was dead drunk. Our arguing had got to the point where we wasn’t even talking in the same house.


Anyway me and this woman I met at Kim’s house ended up drinking too much and by sundown it was on and popping. Kissing in the hallway, kissing in the car, kissing through the door and to the bedroom. Our clothes couldn’t come off fast enough. I will skip the specifics of the encounter but lets just say it was incredibly (HOT). Well I told her I had a woman and she said great because I don’t want anything steady. Shes like just come by and tighten me up every now and then. I’m like COOL! Well we exchanged numbers and that was it.

I was bragging to my friend the dog about my conquest the next day. I didn’t  call her or talk to her or see her for about 2 weeks.  And in this 2 weeks it seems like mysteriously me and MY woman seem start getting along better than ever.It was crazy, she was doing all the things she did in our first 2 years, cooking great meals, surprising me with morning kitchen sex, and NOT fighting with me. I wasn’t even thinking about the drunk conquest, when an URGENT call was placed to my playboy friend from Kim saying she needed to see me immediately. I’m like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! When I pulled up to Kim’s house there is the conquest. She comes running up to my face yelling (in the middle of a pretty busy street,( MOTHERFUCKER YOU GAVE ME HERPES!)


I was stunned, embarrassed, angry, but most of all I was scared. Scared that one drunken foolish night had landed me in a toilet bowl of shit. I was so disgusted with myself because I quickly figured out that I might have passed this thing on to my girlfriend. I knew I didn’t  have anything close to Herpes, but everyone around didnt. The next few weeks where living Hell. Couldn’t look my girl in the eye. It didn’t get back to her which was great but the word spread so fast it seemed like I was getting whispers everywhere I went. People that I thought were my friends, were the very ones that didn’t believe me or spread the most gossip. My girl as much as she argues, doesn’t drink or smoke and pretty much its work and home, with a movie sprinkled in when we aint fighting. Which is why word never got back to her. (not her circles). Long story short. It came out that conquest caught the HSV1 virus from a guy that she married for $5000 for citizenship. I dont hang with playboy anymore. And me and my girlfriend are now Husband and wife. One thing I gotta say about conquest is when she found out who really gave it to her, she personally called me and apologized. We had a good talk about anti-viral medicines she should get and different support groups she could possibly join. by the way, DON’T be trying to feel too bad for my wife. She confessed that during our turbulent season, she had an affair. A guy caught her off guard, hurt crying. Told her about conquest. And slid in them drawers. The reason why I don’t pal around with my childhood playboy friend anymore is because “IT WAS HIM!!!!!!



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