This isn’t much of a “I BEAT IT” story, but it is a little insight into the world of living with HERPES. If you get some encouragement, and become more informed, my article is a victory to me.

I carry (HERPES SIMPLEX 2), I caught it 15 years ago, when I was a young lady. I have been intimate with 4 partners since then, and not one of them have contracted anything. When I first caught it I was told that I can only pass it on when I was in a active out-break. Which was cool with me because the blisters were very painful, and sex was the last thing I was thinking of during that time. I must confess, I didn’t tell my first two partners before we had sex. But I figured out honesty is the best way to go as I became a more mature person, and learned more about the condition. Then I learned I was still contagious even when the sores dried up and where flaking off. I learned to pay close attention and take that into consideration when planning encounters.

The first couple of years I had the virus, I was breaking out all the time. But after 15 years the virus has morphed into a much less aggressive strain. I’ve been free of out-breaks now for 5 years. Some medications help to suppress the out-breaks, and some help speed-up the healing process, and some do both.

About 2 months ago, I started seeing a man who needed/wanted sex ALL the time.I too have a very strong sex drive and decided he needed to hear the news before we went any further. He was very supportive and said he needed to do his own research on the subject, and would get back to me. I even returned to the doctor to get more information to make sure I was well informed, and took some notes for him as well.

The doctor made me feel comfortable with the situation and advised me to use protection, but also informed me it only reduced the risk factor a little. The drugs she advised were only for people that where actively having out-breaks, and I wasn’t so they were not necessary, so I didn’t get prescribed any.

She told me the HERPES virus is nowhere as bad as society makes it out to be. She said as long as you get plenty of rest, eat right, and keep your stress levels down, as well as keeping an eye on the flaking even when the pain is gone. We would be fine. There is always risk, but numbers are like 3% risk per year on a regular ordinary sex life. 3% PER YEAR!!

Armed with all this wonderful information and him KNOWING I take good care of my body and health, he rejected me. THIS after having engaged in sex already a couple of times. People are ALWAYS saying stuff like (a good percentage of the population has herpes, 1 in 6 people have it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!). But the truth is, I am alone with this thing. One of the most difficult things about dealing with this is it makes you feel like damaged goods. You start to feel undesirable. You start to feel like nobody will EVER want to be with you for fear of getting infected.

We even fully understand the fears people have but that does not make it any easier. It still hurts and stinks to hell. The stigma surrounding this virus has got to be smashed. Yes its possible you can get it. YES you can if we have sex during an out-break. Yes during out-breaks it is very painful. And yes if you catch it ,its a chance you will not know because you could be asymptomatic-(NO SYMPTOMS).>

Your NOT gonna die from it. And most of the time nothing in your life changes.( JUST) get well educated about it and take care of yourself and move on!!



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