1. I despise that tingling feeling prior to out-break. I despise it not because it hurts or nothing. I hate it because I know when I feel that tingling sensation, its only a matter of time before I have to deal with them dam blisters. Sometimes I try to fool myself into thinking it aint coming. I know its gonna be about a week before they go through their routine. I also know I need start paying attention to touching my eyes, because for the sake of me I cannot resist picking at them. (WHICH PROBABLY MAKES THEM LAST LONGER). They normally appear on my bottom lip, same spot every time. I use to walk around sucking on my lip for a week. Now I just don’t give a dam!! When I get them little…….ummm….what can I call them, small lesions inside my mouth on my cheek and gums, brushing my teeth is a nail-biting experience.
  2. Having people give me that look when I’m walking around with a sore on my lip. I know what they are thinking,( LOOK AT THIS NASTY MO-FO). Don’t look with pity or sorrow at me. Don’t look with disdain at me. Don’t try to act like you don’t see it. I would-believe it or not rather have you come out and say “YO, IS THAT A COLD SORE”at least that way dialogue could start and I could educate you. I could tell you some facts like, during the course of your day you are likely pass tons of people with it. As a matter a fact even you could have it and not know. Yes even though you haven’t had an outbreak.
  3. The pain I have on my upper left thigh an inch from my pubes from these angry looking blisters. These bastards swells a good portion of my thigh up. It constantly throbs. If my pants rub them by accident they burst and leak, which makes me scared to touch them. (eyes remember?) And the worst part is when they start hardening over enough for me to go back into my picking scab routine, they do an about face an decide to give me another week of this crap for having the audacity to think I can predict when they are leaving.
  4. I know this one might sound a little %#@&(#up, but I hate when people say Yiiipeeee! I haven’t had an outbreak in 8,9,10 years. I wanna walk up to them and rub my thigh on their lips. (I know thats straight hating, but………….$#@& IT. ohhh stop it! that’s not even physically possible. I’m not spiderman.
  5. That during an outbreak my dating life is non-existent. Nevermind the fact that no woman even remotely (or I feel is not) is gonna even entertain the thought of conversing in a potentially romantic way with me while I have this gigantic sore on my lip. And if I tell her up front sometime during the conversation, (while my HSV-1 is in remission) the chatter will immediately pause to uncomfortably awkward levels. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the thing I hate most about HERPES is. I feel doomed to be alone forever. I know that’s not true though (SMILE) !

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