1. 10 ETHICAL QUESTIONS ABOUT HERPES!pexels-photo-864078.jpegShould I tell a potential sex partner I have herpes, even if I have not had an outbreak in years. And I slept with other partners, and they never tested positive?
  2. If Im currently in an outbreak with a sore on my lip, or shedding. Should I share a glass of water, a bottle, a cigarette, with an unsuspecting individual?
  3. (FEMALE) If I have received a positive diagnoses, should I be concerned about getting pregnant and passing the virus on to a new-born?
  4. (MALE) Should I let a person perform oral sex on me if I am showing no symptoms, no outbreak, no shedding ect. ?
  5. Is there a socially acceptable universal time frame for confession to an individual that I’m HSV-1 positive during dating process?
  6. Is there a socially acceptable universal time frame for confession to active sex partner that Im HSV-1 positive AFTER i’ve already engaged in sexual intercourse with said individual?
  7. If I’m herpes positive, is it an honest judgment from others and even myself occasionally to feel like, identify, and/or consider myself a lepher?
  8. Should the individual who was not promiscuous or had one sexual partner or even contracted HSV-1 due to a sexual assault or a sexually reckless partner feel any anger or resentment, or even feel better than the individual who WAS promiscuous, reckless, or was guilty of having multiple partners?
  9. Should I enjoy the day in a swimming pool with everybody if I’m in outbreak or shedding?

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