Young Kids & Children at Parks and Museums Easter Egg Hunts; Should parents be concerned about the spread of HERPES! 2018

Easter, a wonderful time of year for children. A holiday that ranks up there with halloween, and even X-mas. A time for running around joyously, scampering around with other children. collecting colorful eggs. And them chocolate bunnies, YUMMY! But is there, or should there be a concern from parent about the spread of Herpes to their children at this most festive time? pexels-photo-296301.jpegShould parents be asking questions like, (Can my child get HSV-1 or HSV-2 from sharing food?). Is that egg putting my child at risk? Should I be worried about that hamburger, french fry, chicken, or that wonderfully tasteful chocolate bunny?

Herpes is most contagious when sores are open, moist, or leaking fluid, until the scabs heal and fall off. Herpes can also be spread when no symptoms are present. Herpes virus from cold sores around the mouth can survive for up to two hours on the skin. The chances of your child eating an egg that possibly has the virus on it is miniscule. Herpes is transmitted to another person skin to skin. Herpes is not transmitted through food. If a infected individual touched a cold sore, then touched an EASTER egg. That egg or food in general is not the kind of environment that herpes needs to live. And also the amount of virus that MIGHT be transmitted in that way is not adequate for infection to happen. Herpe needs human skin to skin contact to be spread between people, not food.

Now there are them parents that take their kids to restaurants. Some throw big parties on EASTER at restaurants. Being an east coast guy, I love ALL the New York ethnic restaurants. From the wonderful Thai restaurants, to the Italian and Soul-Food restaurants, to the great pizza shops and Deli’s as well as the hip, new-school coffee shops. Restaurants should, and most do practice safe food handling to prevent any food contamination from any contaminants.

Some states don’t require that food preparers and surfers like waiters and waitresses wear gloves. And they are not required to let the employer know, in fact it can be used as discrimination, so they normally don’t disclose it. With that said, the only way the virus might possibly be passed is if an individual did something outlandishly purposeful. Its a possibility a person could pass on their cold sore by sharing food, eating utensils, drinking straws, cups and glasses. Lip balm and lipstick also. Toothbrushes and razors present a risk also, but who brushes their teeth at a restaurant?

Food servers that approached a table having a cold sore carrying food, have been told by customers, they would appreciate another server although that’srare. A good rule to go by if your having an outbreak is ( IF YOU PUT SOME FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH, DO NOT SHARE IT)!

So parents relax whether your at a park, museum, or restaurant, your kids are safe. Enjoy the holiday, take plenty of pictures of Jimmy and Susan with that chocolate mustache so you can clown them when they get older and think their smarter than you.


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