Young Kids & Children at Parks and Museums Easter Egg Hunts; Should parents be concerned about the spread of HERPES! 2018

Easter, a wonderful time of year for children. A holiday that ranks up there with halloween, and even X-mas. A time for running around joyously, scampering around with other children. collecting colorful eggs. And them chocolate bunnies, YUMMY! But is there, or should there be a concern from parent about the spread of Herpes to their children at this most festive time? pexels-photo-296301.jpegShould parents be asking questions like, (Can my child get HSV-1 or HSV-2 from sharing food?). Is that egg putting my child at risk? Should I be worried about that hamburger, french fry, chicken, or that wonderfully tasteful chocolate bunny?

Herpes is most contagious when sores are open, moist, or leaking fluid, until the scabs heal and fall off. Herpes can also be spread when no symptoms are present. Herpes virus from cold sores around the mouth can survive for up to two hours on the skin. The chances of your child eating an egg that possibly has the virus on it is miniscule. Herpes is transmitted to another person skin to skin. Herpes is not transmitted through food. If a infected individual touched a cold sore, then touched an EASTER egg. That egg or food in general is not the kind of environment that herpes needs to live. And also the amount of virus that MIGHT be transmitted in that way is not adequate for infection to happen. Herpe needs human skin to skin contact to be spread between people, not food.

Now there are them parents that take their kids to restaurants. Some throw big parties on EASTER at restaurants. Being an east coast guy, I love ALL the New York ethnic restaurants. From the wonderful Thai restaurants, to the Italian and Soul-Food restaurants, to the great pizza shops and Deli’s as well as the hip, new-school coffee shops. Restaurants should, and most do practice safe food handling to prevent any food contamination from any contaminants.

Some states don’t require that food preparers and surfers like waiters and waitresses wear gloves. And they are not required to let the employer know, in fact it can be used as discrimination, so they normally don’t disclose it. With that said, the only way the virus might possibly be passed is if an individual did something outlandishly purposeful. Its a possibility a person could pass on their cold sore by sharing food, eating utensils, drinking straws, cups and glasses. Lip balm and lipstick also. Toothbrushes and razors present a risk also, but who brushes their teeth at a restaurant?

Food servers that approached a table having a cold sore carrying food, have been told by customers, they would appreciate another server although that’srare. A good rule to go by if your having an outbreak is ( IF YOU PUT SOME FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH, DO NOT SHARE IT)!

So parents relax whether your at a park, museum, or restaurant, your kids are safe. Enjoy the holiday, take plenty of pictures of Jimmy and Susan with that chocolate mustache so you can clown them when they get older and think their smarter than you.


BLACK PANTHER, can you, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner do something to say byebye to this (HERPES) crisis in the black community?

download black pantherA new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says black woman have the highest rates of herpes infection, clocking in at a staggering 48%. Nationally about 16% of Americans between the ages of 14 and 49 are infected with genital HERPES. A noted clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Brown University offers some insight. 48% of BLACK woman between the ages of 14 to 49 have herpes simplex virus type 2, or HSV-2 as its called. Overall blacks and woman were much more likely to be infected.

The prevalence among ALL other woman combined was almost 21%, compared to 11% for all men. 39% of blacks were infected, compared with roughly 12% of whites. What is the explanation for the very high rate of infection for woman overall, but for BLACK woman in particular?

Well for all sexually transmitted infections, its easier for woman to be infected because womans tissues are softer, which makes it more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

But why the incredible high numbers for BLACK woman, and BLACKS overall? One theory. Through recent years there have been increasing incidents of the virus in the black community. And once it infiltrates the community, its much easier to be transmitted to AFRICAN american woman. If a concerted effort was put together to educate the younger people, the trend of higher overall incidents will subside and hopefully decrease.

Another contributing factor might very well be the fact that slightly over 40% of black woman have never been married, which could possibly over time lead to a significantly higher number of sexual partners, which may in turn lead to increased vulnerabilities.

There is no concrete data suggesting that within the black community there is a more prominent promiscuous lifestyle leading to a increase in sexual partners over the course of their lives. But some studies have conclusively shown that some young black woman do not sufficiently protect themselves in a way that would be uniform with national norms.

Dialogue amongst blacks should be increased as to put to bed the guilt and shame associated with honest discussions concerning sex.

CDC findings also discovered that up to 80% of infected people are not even aware they are infected. With HERPES and some other sexually transmitted diseases, there are rarely any symptoms. And if a person doesn’t know they are carrying the infection, safe sex practices may suffer and its much easier to pass the infection on to an un-suspecting partner.

There is no cure for HERPES, and that’s dire enough news. But there can be potentially fatal consequences to having (HSV-1 & HSV-2) also. If you carry the virus, you are at increased risk of getting HIV if you have unprotected sex with an individual who carries the HIV virus.

This is a major reason this ALL should be taken very seriously. It is vital that we realize this is a tremendous public health issue and reverse the trend. People react in different ways when they are informed they have the HSV virus. Getting professional counseling is recommended for those individuals who fall into deep depression.Its a virus that there is no cure for, you carry it for the rest of your life, and its very difficult to discuss with a partner or family member.                                                                                                                                                           download black panther

The BLACK PANTHER marvel movie with its positive role models for black youth, and great heroes and characters like Okoye, W”Kabi and TChaka filled the black community with wonderful feelings of unity and pride. But the fact of the matter is the numbers presented by the CDC says a large percentage of the female warriors protecting the BLACK PANTHER carry the HSV, HERPES virus. And a staggering amount of the male warriors are infected as well.



  1. 10 ETHICAL QUESTIONS ABOUT HERPES!pexels-photo-864078.jpegShould I tell a potential sex partner I have herpes, even if I have not had an outbreak in years. And I slept with other partners, and they never tested positive?
  2. If Im currently in an outbreak with a sore on my lip, or shedding. Should I share a glass of water, a bottle, a cigarette, with an unsuspecting individual?
  3. (FEMALE) If I have received a positive diagnoses, should I be concerned about getting pregnant and passing the virus on to a new-born?
  4. (MALE) Should I let a person perform oral sex on me if I am showing no symptoms, no outbreak, no shedding ect. ?
  5. Is there a socially acceptable universal time frame for confession to an individual that I’m HSV-1 positive during dating process?
  6. Is there a socially acceptable universal time frame for confession to active sex partner that Im HSV-1 positive AFTER i’ve already engaged in sexual intercourse with said individual?
  7. If I’m herpes positive, is it an honest judgment from others and even myself occasionally to feel like, identify, and/or consider myself a lepher?
  8. Should the individual who was not promiscuous or had one sexual partner or even contracted HSV-1 due to a sexual assault or a sexually reckless partner feel any anger or resentment, or even feel better than the individual who WAS promiscuous, reckless, or was guilty of having multiple partners?
  9. Should I enjoy the day in a swimming pool with everybody if I’m in outbreak or shedding?


  1. I despise that tingling feeling prior to out-break. I despise it not because it hurts or nothing. I hate it because I know when I feel that tingling sensation, its only a matter of time before I have to deal with them dam blisters. Sometimes I try to fool myself into thinking it aint coming. I know its gonna be about a week before they go through their routine. I also know I need start paying attention to touching my eyes, because for the sake of me I cannot resist picking at them. (WHICH PROBABLY MAKES THEM LAST LONGER). They normally appear on my bottom lip, same spot every time. I use to walk around sucking on my lip for a week. Now I just don’t give a dam!! When I get them little…….ummm….what can I call them, small lesions inside my mouth on my cheek and gums, brushing my teeth is a nail-biting experience.
  2. Having people give me that look when I’m walking around with a sore on my lip. I know what they are thinking,( LOOK AT THIS NASTY MO-FO). Don’t look with pity or sorrow at me. Don’t look with disdain at me. Don’t try to act like you don’t see it. I would-believe it or not rather have you come out and say “YO, IS THAT A COLD SORE”at least that way dialogue could start and I could educate you. I could tell you some facts like, during the course of your day you are likely pass tons of people with it. As a matter a fact even you could have it and not know. Yes even though you haven’t had an outbreak.
  3. The pain I have on my upper left thigh an inch from my pubes from these angry looking blisters. These bastards swells a good portion of my thigh up. It constantly throbs. If my pants rub them by accident they burst and leak, which makes me scared to touch them. (eyes remember?) And the worst part is when they start hardening over enough for me to go back into my picking scab routine, they do an about face an decide to give me another week of this crap for having the audacity to think I can predict when they are leaving.
  4. I know this one might sound a little %#@&(#up, but I hate when people say Yiiipeeee! I haven’t had an outbreak in 8,9,10 years. I wanna walk up to them and rub my thigh on their lips. (I know thats straight hating, but………….$#@& IT. ohhh stop it! that’s not even physically possible. I’m not spiderman.
  5. That during an outbreak my dating life is non-existent. Nevermind the fact that no woman even remotely (or I feel is not) is gonna even entertain the thought of conversing in a potentially romantic way with me while I have this gigantic sore on my lip. And if I tell her up front sometime during the conversation, (while my HSV-1 is in remission) the chatter will immediately pause to uncomfortably awkward levels. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the thing I hate most about HERPES is. I feel doomed to be alone forever. I know that’s not true though (SMILE) !

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This isn’t much of a “I BEAT IT” story, but it is a little insight into the world of living with HERPES. If you get some encouragement, and become more informed, my article is a victory to me.

I carry (HERPES SIMPLEX 2), I caught it 15 years ago, when I was a young lady. I have been intimate with 4 partners since then, and not one of them have contracted anything. When I first caught it I was told that I can only pass it on when I was in a active out-break. Which was cool with me because the blisters were very painful, and sex was the last thing I was thinking of during that time. I must confess, I didn’t tell my first two partners before we had sex. But I figured out honesty is the best way to go as I became a more mature person, and learned more about the condition. Then I learned I was still contagious even when the sores dried up and where flaking off. I learned to pay close attention and take that into consideration when planning encounters.

The first couple of years I had the virus, I was breaking out all the time. But after 15 years the virus has morphed into a much less aggressive strain. I’ve been free of out-breaks now for 5 years. Some medications help to suppress the out-breaks, and some help speed-up the healing process, and some do both.

About 2 months ago, I started seeing a man who needed/wanted sex ALL the time.I too have a very strong sex drive and decided he needed to hear the news before we went any further. He was very supportive and said he needed to do his own research on the subject, and would get back to me. I even returned to the doctor to get more information to make sure I was well informed, and took some notes for him as well.

The doctor made me feel comfortable with the situation and advised me to use protection, but also informed me it only reduced the risk factor a little. The drugs she advised were only for people that where actively having out-breaks, and I wasn’t so they were not necessary, so I didn’t get prescribed any.

She told me the HERPES virus is nowhere as bad as society makes it out to be. She said as long as you get plenty of rest, eat right, and keep your stress levels down, as well as keeping an eye on the flaking even when the pain is gone. We would be fine. There is always risk, but numbers are like 3% risk per year on a regular ordinary sex life. 3% PER YEAR!!

Armed with all this wonderful information and him KNOWING I take good care of my body and health, he rejected me. THIS after having engaged in sex already a couple of times. People are ALWAYS saying stuff like (a good percentage of the population has herpes, 1 in 6 people have it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!). But the truth is, I am alone with this thing. One of the most difficult things about dealing with this is it makes you feel like damaged goods. You start to feel undesirable. You start to feel like nobody will EVER want to be with you for fear of getting infected.

We even fully understand the fears people have but that does not make it any easier. It still hurts and stinks to hell. The stigma surrounding this virus has got to be smashed. Yes its possible you can get it. YES you can if we have sex during an out-break. Yes during out-breaks it is very painful. And yes if you catch it ,its a chance you will not know because you could be asymptomatic-(NO SYMPTOMS).>

Your NOT gonna die from it. And most of the time nothing in your life changes.( JUST) get well educated about it and take care of yourself and move on!!


How To Co-exist with HERPES!! 10 critical things you must know. From someone who has it. 3-14-18


I am a woman living with HERPES. And most people think of herpes as disgusting. That’s not at all whats happening. Sure outbreaks  burn a little and make you feel yucky. But I’m aware today  that I’m not yucky. I caught the herpes from a guy that assured me that he was tested and very clean. Yet he still gave me herpes. Now THAT’S whats yucky.

I’m not sure when it happened, its really hard to tell. I do know when it broke out my fever was through the roof. My whole body was sore. My crotch was an inferno, and felt like burning charcoal was in my panties.

When I went to the doctor, the nurse thought Id wiped to hard and irritated myself, but she screened for STD”s anyway.

Five excruciatingly painful days later, I got a call from my primary saying sorry about saying you had wiped yourself to a skin irritation. I was then informed that I had tested positive for (HSV-2) HERPES!!! A virus that can also manifest itself with skin out-breaks on, In, and around  the mouth area. I was stunned and began crying.

Don’t worry, a lot of people have it and dont even know it. And most people go years with no out-breaks.

That comment fell on deaf ears, I felt unlovable and felt my world had changed forever. I became deeply depressed and drank alcohol to ease the emotional pain. I started missing days at work, missing appointments and not really caring for anything. I felt filthy and thought everybody knew my dirty little secret. I just knew no-one would love me……………..EVER!!

Turns out, them thoughts were wrong on so many levels. Love did find its way to me. That feeling of loneliness vanished. I learned (HERPES) is a very ordinary affliction, with studies showing that 1 in 7 individuals ranging from the age of 16 to 50 in the United States are ( HERPES) positive.And its likely the  figures will rise.

But the ignominy-shame does continue. And its totally groundless, unfounded and entirely deceptive. I never did and do not need to feel as such. But the general public had me thinking I did. I had my share of sexual exploits as a young woman, and now was being judged because of it.

I then proceeded to penalize myself. Staying clear of any potential dating partners all together. I ended up in isolation. I just could not have that talk with myself about (HERPES). I still was in shock and still couldn’t believe I had (HSV-2). I felt gross, but I was NOT gross. I just wasn’t educated that’s ALL!

Now I’m joyfully in a solid relationship with with a wonderful person, who is aware of my infection, and has absolutely no problem with it. I take a great viral medication daily and have not suffered through an out-break in 2 years.  He doesn’t carry the virus and makes me feel the very opposite of [YUCKY]!!

I started loving myself and flourished, learning to live with with (HERPES)- and if you have the unfortunate happenstance to be diagnosed with (HSV-2), you most certainly are able to live a good life also. Just stay protected and educated. That’s your beginning NOT end.

I spoke with a very reputable M.D. to sought through some myths concerning the HERPES virus. Its time to blow the lid off the lies.


Look!! the bottom line is most people are misinformed about the herpes virus. Its not armageddon.

Here is the deal about the facts of this familiar STD, and I will provide answers to most pressing questions on co-existing with herpes.


HERPES (both HSV-1 and HSV-2) is transmitted by skin to skin contact-which occurs alot in sexual contact or closeness, but can also occur during non-sexual contact such as touching or kissing, like from a parent or child. Genital herpes can be passed on from a pregnant mom to a child during child birth, although it’s not common.


Stop having sex at the on-set of any and all symptoms associated with an out-break. Symptoms include itching, tingling feeling, burning sensation around the mouth area, or on the genitals. Abstain from oral, vaginal or anal sex-even using a condom-until a week after symptoms cease or the blister heals. The virus transmits from any area not covered by the condom. Saliva and vaginal fluids as well as sweat can pass virus.


When an individual has oral herpes “cold sores” or fever blisters appear on the lips and or around the mouth. These sores could be in the mouth also, but normally that happens the first time oral herpes appear. Majority of people with genital herpes have no symptoms, or mild symptoms that they ignore assuming its a  rash or slight skin irritation. Genital herpes manifestations include blisters, pointed pain or burning feelings if urine comes in contact with sores. An inability to urinate if there is severe swelling or blockage of the urethra. Also open sores itching and pain in the contaminated area.


When herpes makes its second visit, its called a reappearance or outbreak. Herpes doesn’t always come back, and when it does, the schedule and severeness changes from individual to individual. Some people go years without outbreaks. Some have them more often. Most recurrences happen during the first year. If your  immune system is weak outbreaks may happen more often.


Herpes is a familiar infection, the root being 2 dissimilar yet jointly connected viruses (HSV1 and HSV2). Both easily transmitted, both continue to exist in the body for life, and symptoms come and go. Oral herpes can be passed to genitals by oral sex. Both strains can live in either part of the body, (and also the eyes). So a person with one type can pass another the exact kind of herpes even to different parts of the body.


Condom use in between outbreaks will cut down risk factor significantly of passing virus. ( but NOT 100%). Some risk can also be cut down by infected individuals by taking anti-herpes medication daily.


A qualified health care professional can identify (HERPES) virus by conducting a physical exam and test. A test of blood can identify genital or oral herpes, regardless of symptoms or not. Test on fluids from sores can also achieve the same results. Don’t ignore liaisons in target areas, get tested immediately if so.


Anti-viral medications are extremely beneficial. There is no cure. Nevertheless outbreaks happen less and less, and become less painful and weaker as time passes. If you have (HERPES), medications are readily available to assist in management of the infection. Medicines are very effective in speeding up the healing of sores and stopping them from returning habitually.


Steer clear of touching any sores you might have. On the chance you do, wash your hands with some kind of detergent/soap and water. (don’t rely on hand sanitizers). No sexual contact during sore period. If sex does happen, be sure to use a condom or dental dam. Most critical time to worry about passing is during an out-break, but having no symptoms does not guarantee no passing. Eat healthy, get adequate sleep, and avoid stress to help minimize recurrences. Avoid sunburn if you have oral (HERPES). Staying healthy and taking care of your body is important. Also know your risk and protect yourself.


Take a deep breath, calm yourself, and above all remember honesty is the best policy . It will definitely not be the most comfortable discussion your have ever had, but here are some tips to help ease the transition.

  • Know questions will be asked. Research your facts ( like this article) so you know what your speaking.
  • Set time where you will not be interrupted at key moments of discussion.
  • Talk comes before sex, not after.
  • Be easy on yourself, your not on trial. Its a health concern not a character issue.

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